5 steps to healthy eating.

By 29.10.2015Blog, News

Food is fuel for our body. Its proper and stable working is determined by the quality of what we eat. Nowadays healthy diet is one of the most popular topics for discussion, and not only among professional athletes. If you are doing any sports, your body needs much more energy, so paying attention to what we eat and drink is not only the key to excellent sports results, but it is also essential for being healthy. It is particularly true for us, for surfers, as we not only spend great amount of energy, but we are influenced significantly by salty water and sun rays. We are happy to offer some recommendations that will help you to make your diet more balanced: 

healthy eating1. Have enough water. When we are at the lineup, our body is spending much more liquid and is spending it fast due to intensive exercise, scorching sun and salty water. Quite often we are so involved into surfing that we are just not paying enough attention to the fact that we are thirsty. When your body is dehydrated, it is becoming more difficult to send oxygen to all organs, therefore, making us physically weaker. Our breathing under the water also suffers greatly – we cannot hold the breath for a long time in wipeouts. What can you do to avoid these situations? Just drink enough water! Have at least half a liter before going to the ocean and drink a liter per every 30 kilos of your bodyweight daily. Sometimes our body is wiser than we are, so listen to its signs and signals.

healthy eating2. Eat proteins. Protein is a muscle building material. Our body has some protein emergency supply, so there is no need to eat an entire chicken for breakfast! However, when you are going surfing, your breakfast must contain enough protein to make you feel strong and energetic at the lineup. Beans, brown rice, any kinds of cereals with nuts and seeds, fruit and berry smoothies, oatmeal flakes will make a fast and excellent breakfast. Add some imagination into your breakfast, enjoy your food – and great results will not take long!

healthy eating3. Include alkaline foods into your diet. Alkaline foods are fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are very low in calories and reduce body acid load. They are rich in fiber and antioxidants. Alkaline foods are responsible for transporting oxygen all over the body and help save 20 times more oxygen than acid foods do. The simplest things to do are to have some lemon juice in the morning, to cut down on sugar and to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits – they are our best friends!

healthy eating4. Have balanced snacks. Think before eating! Any time you have a snack, analyze if it is healthy and good for you. Add some nuts to your fruits – almonds, walnuts, or macadamias will become an excellent complement. Protein in nuts and sugar in fruits, when bonded together, slow down sugar metabolism and provide you with “longer” energy. But be careful – salty, fried or honey glazed nuts are not what you really need. Forget about fast food and doughnuts! Yes, they are good as fast-term fuel for your body, but absolutely useless, if not harmless, for long-term energy that you so much need at the lineup.

healthy eating5. Cut down on dairies. Milk products make a great protein source; they are good and healthy in small quantities and only in certain situations. However, for many adults, dairies are hard to digest, that is why they might cause the feeling of being full and the excess of body fluids. It does not mean, though, that you must say a definite NO to milk foods; just be more careful about their consumption and define your best portions.

Respecting these simple rules will help you increase your stamina and feel much better! Take care of your body and it will pay your back.

Excellent health and great waves to you all!