8 reasons to enjoy a crowded line-up.

By 09.10.2015Blog, News

Oh yes! You do all your best to catch and to ride your wave. However, sometimes there are circumstances that are more powerful than your ambitions and efforts are. A crowded lineup is one of them. Can you find anyone who really enjoys surfing in a crowd? The answer is obvious – no.

But there are always some buts. And here are some of them. 


1. It teaches you to be patient. 

You just have to wait for your turn, there is no other way known to surfers. When the lineup is full with dozens of surfers and a set brings only a couple of good waves, then it is time for waiting and patience. And here we are moving on to point 2.

2. It teaches you to be competitive. 

There are hundreds of people around! And they are everywhere! And if you are just too patient, you might never get your wave. Overshyness has never celebrated a victory, so get an advantageous position at the lineup, paddle with confidence and fight for the wave!

3. It teaches you to understand what other addicts feel. 

The moment when you cannot get a wave and are just dashing around the lineup with an unhappy face and ready to kill, instead of enjoying one of the most positive and exciting sports, you start realizing how much in common you have with those addicted! You are just like them – feel haunted and practically sick in your impatient waiting for the next set!

4. It teaches you to be grateful. 

You have just taken your longed-for wave and you will remember it! This wonderful feeling of achievement can change your mood dramatically and give you a whole lot of joyful emotions! And gratitude is going to be one of them! All of a sudden you realize that so many things had to coincide, just for you to be able to ride that wave – wave size, direction, time, water level, wind, weather, season, day, universe around you, and your grandparents who met each other and had kids… And all these got together in one moment, in one spot so that you rode that wave, the result of the energy that is traveling mile after mile, all over the ocean and is reaching this reef that is rushing along at the enormous speed, through the constantly expanding Universe, round its orbit, round its damn star!!! Wow, isn’t that awesome?

5. It teaches you to face complicated situations with dignity. 

Easy as it looks, but in fact it takes a lot of effort and attention not to injure or even kill somebody by accident at the crowded lineup, while you are enjoying your surfing.

6. It teaches you to fight. 

Surfing at a crowded lineup by default presupposes your participation in some skirmishes, one way or another. Some particularly surfing-dependent individuals are often times rather impulsive and hot-tempered. If you somehow get involved into a conflict, do your best and stay calm, logical and objective in your evaluations of a situation and maybe you will be lucky enough to avoid a fight. Otherwise, you will have to learn how to fight back, both verbally and physically. Well, that is also a part of surfing – and you can learn some lessons from it, too.

7. It teaches you to make friends. 

Smiling is not forbidden at the lineup! Staying at the crowded lineup may be much more fun if you are friendly. You just have to understand that everyone there is in your team. Smile, be happy for a surfer who has just ridden a great wave, have some chat with your lineup neighbours. Share your positive energy – and the world will share it back!

8. It teaches you the fact that you have to be in this crowd to get what you want. 

As a rule, the lineup is full when the waves are really good. Obviously, you are not going to ride any of those wonderful waves if you are sitting in your car listening to music and planning to go for an absolutely undeserved burrito! You will always be able to go for it, always. But this moment must become your surfing time.