(US$ 60-100. 3-4 hours)

The easiest way is to let us organize an airport transfer for you. You can contact us by e-mail

If, for some reason, you haven’t been able to book a transfer in advance, you can get a taxi right at the airport. The price is about 10 000 – 12 000 LKR ($ 80-100) per van and about 8 000 – 9 000 LKR ($ 60-70) per car. Prices depend on the time of day (night fare is higher) and your bargain skills.

Public transport
(US$ 4-6 per person, 4-7 hours)

Tuk-Tuk in Sri LankaIf you arrive to Sri Lanka in the morning or afternoon, and you’re eager to grab your share of local flavor, then you may consider an opportunity to get to Weligama by public transport. In this case you travel plan should look like this: tuk tuk + bus + train + tuk-tuk.

After leaving the airport building, turn right and walk about 300 meters to the airport gate. Here you can hire a tuk-tuk which brings you to the bus station in a few minutes and for about 100 rupees (around US$ 1). Just tell the driver that you “need a Colombo bus”. Please, mind that some tuk-tuk drivers may initially ask up to 1000 rupees (US$ 8) for this ride, but once they realize that you know a real price, they easily agree to get you to the bus stand for 100 rupees.

The best bus option is an air-conditioned small bus with the “Highway Express” sign on its board (150 rupees, or around one dollar. If you have some large bags or backpacks you will be asked to pay 150 rupees as a luggage fee). Another option is an air-conditioned small bus 187, which is a little slower and slightly cheaper (100 rupees). Taking large non-aircon bus 187 is not a good idea, because highways are busy and polluted. Ideally the ride from the airport to the centre of Colombo takes only 30 minutes, but traffic jams may add an extra hour to it.

No matter which bus you ride, tell the ticket man that your destination is the train station Colombo Fort. Some buses take you directly to it, some go to the bus station situated a couple minutes walk from the destination point. If you think that you getting lost, ask any local to show you the way to the Colombo Fort railway station. At the station check the departure time of the next train to the city of Mataram (accent on the first syllable), and feel free to take the second class tickets to Weligama (220 rupees).The last train leaves at 18:05 (weekdays) and 15:50 (weekends).

Actual train schedule can be found here: (see the station to the station COLOMBO FORT WELIGAMA).

If there is no trains, do not lose courage. The bus 02 Colombo-Matara (Rs 300) leaves once every 30 minutes from the bus station nearby and operates until late. The road takes around 5 hours. Chances are that you spend it listening to unbearable rattle of local music, so be prepared

Upon reaching Weligama take any tuk-tuk and go straight to JagaBay Resort, where our school is based. All drivers know the way. The fare is Rs 100-150.

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