Your First Surf Lesson

By 06.06.2015Blog

When planning your surfing holidays, you are obviously wondering about what your first surf class will be like.
And immediately your head is spinning with questions, doubts and worries! It comes as no surprise because you are going to immerse yourself into amazing new world of oceans and waves.
So, let’s talk about your first surf class! We are sure that with this information you will be able to relax, get rid of all your anxiety and nervousness and start looking forward to meeting the ocean!

First lesson in Ocean

So, you are at school. Here you will be asked to fill in the questionnaire which takes only 2 minutes but which gives you the sport insurance! Now you are ready to change – the school provides all the clothes necessary for the class and you can keep your own things in the lockers.

And here comes this moment – you meet your surf instructor who will greet you with a smile and take you to the comfortable chill out lounge. Your learning will start with the theory of surfing. This introductory part takes an hour and you will learn about what surfing is, how waves are formed, what places on our planet are particularly good for surfing, etc. Special attention is paid to the safety measures. Your instructor will be happy to answer all your questions and dispel your fears.

Theoretical art of the surf lesson

Land training. The instructor will help you define your stance, i.e. from this very moment you will turn either into a goofy or a regular footer (well, we are not going to reveal all the secrets – you will find out what it means in your first class!). Then, with the help of a surfboard stimulator, you will learn how to stand on a board.

Learn to get up on the board

After such an intensive workout, you are ready for the real surfboard practice. The board size is selected individually for each student and with it you are going to… the swimming pool!

Choose surfboard

There you will get to know the board; the instructor will explain and show how to lay on it and how to paddle. Take your time to analyze, feel, try… And with a lot of fun and excitement, you will definitely get more confident and secure.

First surf lesson in the pool

And now… And now comes the most thrilling part! Hurray! Your board has already become an inseparable part of you, so together, brave and fearless, you are heading toward the ocean! Your experienced and wise instructor is always by your side (the group consists of 5 students at most, so be sure you will be watched and supported all the time!).

With surf students

Your first ocean class takes about an hour on the shore break (it means sand under your feet and friendly whitewater under your board). Your main tasks now are to remember all the instructor’s directions, then try and get onto the board, start paddling right on time and finally catch this whitewater wave, pop-up onto the board and ride it toward the shore. Make sure you have your broadest and happiest smile of a winner on your face! Your instructor is always there for you, ready to help and support.

Surf lesson in Ocean

When you are finally back to the shore, after a long ride, you will be tired, but happy and proud of your great job! Your instructor will explain to you all your mistakes, so that you know what you are going to work on next class.

Your first surfing day is over and it was full of new exciting emotions and unforgettable impressions! All you have to do now is to arrange your next class, take a shower and have a delicious dinner! 🙂