How to alienate the lineup – 5 easy steps

By 08.09.2015Blog

It is practically a mission-impossible-task to find an empty lineup; usually we have to surf with at least a couple of dozens of other surfers. And the situations when somebody behaves weird or rude getting on everybody’s nerves can only make it worse. Even more though if this freak surfer is … you! So, what actions can turn you into a surfer who is hated by the entire lineup?

crowded lineup

1. Shout loudly that the oncoming wave is yours and then back it down at the last moment.

There is no one worse than the surfers who start yelling that they are going to ride this wave. However, it is obvious that they are still at that depth that will not let them ride it. You can see that they are not able to go through the set, but their shouting makes you think that they have spotted something you are unable to. But they give up on the wave right at the last minute, so you have only a couple of seconds to try and catch it. And these guys do not even attempt to apologize or show their regret that they practically stole a perfect wave from you!

Surfing  line-up

2. Snake your fellow surfers, or outpaddle them to get the wave.

There is always this type of guys: they are sitting right next to you at the lineup, chatting friendly as if they were your old buddies. But the moment they see a set on the horizon, immediately they forget all about your “friendship”! You have been sitting patiently at the “right” lineup spot for a couple of sets, waiting for your wave, when this guy, who has managed to tell you about all their life so far, unexpectedly and very fast just outpaddles you, takes the priority and rides the wave that was supposed to be yours!

Surfing  line-up

3. Drop-in, or take off onto the wave when another surfer is riding it.

Drop-ins might be the worst case of surfing etiquette violations. Well, of course, you can drop-in just by accident, so make sure you apologize afterwards. However, you can come across the surfers who are looking right at you the moment you are riding the wave, but they are taking off nevertheless! You can yell at them as long as you want, but they do not care and continue with their unimpressive maneuvers right in front of you! In the end, they are off the wave, just paddling back to the lineup so that to avoid any conflicts. Such freaks!

4. Make up stories, or everyone knows you are lying.

It is a bad idea to paddle back to the lineup and talk loudly about what an excellent tube you’ve just ridden! And everyone can see that the waves today are gentle and not abrupt, with onshore winds. Yep, it was a fabulous barrel, sure thing!

Surfing  line-up

5. Whimper non-stop about how bad and boring the spot is.

Well, if the spot is so terrible, why are you here? Just take your things and go home! Do not sit at the lineup complaining how awful the waves are. You are surfing! But if you’d like spend your time doing something else, just go and do it. Surfing must be fun, and if you do not feel like it is, then it is not worth going to the lineup at all. Come back when the weather conditions are more favorable, or go and look for other spots and better waves, but do not fill the lineup with your negative emotions!

If you want to be respected, you must respect others. This law works perfectly in surfing as well. Just remember and follow the surfing etiquette rules, and then every your wave ride would be great fun for your and other surfers at the lineup.

Surfing  line-up

Have wonderful waves everyone!