Maxim Pavlovsky: To Sri Lanka with Surf Discovery!

By 16.11.2015Blog

Once again we’d like to remind you that our Sri Lanka season is open! Every day our hard-working students under the gentle supervision of our experienced instructors conquer the waves of this fairy-tale island. Today, live from the Sri Lanka surfing school, we are talking to Maxim Pavlovsky, one of our most famous and favorite instructors. Maxim is telling us about what new things that are expecting you in Surf Discovery Sri Lanka this year, what nice surprises we have prepared for you and why your surfing in Sri Lanka with Surf Discovery will definitely turn into the best surf trip of your life!

Surf Discovery Sri lankaMaxim Pavlovsky: 

My dear friends! I have some great news for you from Sri Lanka! You have just opened a new season!
The rainy season is over, the waves have changed their direction and now in Weligama, where our school is, we are enjoying the great, empty waves that are perfect for learning! Yep, I really mean it – the waves are perfect! The charm of Weligama Bay is the fact that no matter what size the swell is (that is – the waves can be large or small in the open ocean), you can always find a wave that will be right for your surfing level. And all these delights are just a five-minute drive away! YES, the waves are empty! Here at Surf Discovery we justify our name as we have been constantly looking for the spots without crowds at the lineup. 


Surf Discovery Sri lanka Surf Discovery Sri lanka Surf Discovery Sri lanka Surf Discovery Sri lankaBut that is not all from us! We have not only launched the season, but we also opened our own chill-out lounge. Now you can have surfing classes with out best instructors and afterwards hang our and have fun with us. Our new chill-out has comfortable pouffes, relaxing music and a bar. It is just a few steps from the ocean, in a beautiful tropical garden. Here you can unwind after surfing, enjoy a glass of freshly squeezed juice, smoke hookah, or just relax in peace and quiet watching the endlessly stunning ocean sunset… You might, however, get distracted from time to time by iguanas or crabs passing by, or a fish jumping out of the water, or a turtle swimming along – nothing to be surprised at as you are in Sri Lanka! And Sri Lanka nature is the second, after the excellent waves, important reason to visit the island. 


Surf Discovery Sri lanka Surf Discovery Sri lankaWe are not done yet! We have prepared some great activities for you like yoga, exciting tours, relaxing massages, night movie watching and have even hired a couple of friendly tuk-tukers to make your moving about the island comfortable. Well, all you have to do is just come to Sri Lanka and enjoy your ideal surf holidays in this exotic and strikingly beautiful country! We will be happy to see our old buddies and meet new friends! See you in Sri Lanka! 

Surf Discovery Sri lanka