Longboards – Pros & Cons.

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There are different types of surfing boards – they can be long and short, wide and narrow, for big and for small waves. Obviously, each board has its advantages and disadvantages. Today we are talking about longboards, their pros and cons.    Read More

5 steps to healthy eating.

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Food is fuel for our body. Its proper and stable working is determined by the quality of what we eat. Nowadays healthy diet is one of the most popular topics for discussion, and not only among professional athletes. If you are doing any sports, your body needs much more energy, so paying attention to what we eat and drink is not only the key to excellent sports results, but it is also essential for being healthy. It is particularly true for us, for surfers, as we not only spend great amount of energy, but we are influenced significantly by salty water and sun rays. We are happy to offer some recommendations that will help you to make your diet more balanced:  Read More

Surfing Warm Up!

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Surfing is a positive emotions provider. Surfing is an energy charger. But it also demands a serious physical training from all of us. It is a must in surfing to be fit. Why? Because only then you will be able to paddle efficiently, catch the waves, have a confident stand on the board, turn and, after a while, perform even more complicated tricks and moves. And surf fitness is what we need! Another essential here is a proper warm up before every surfing session. If you miss this part, be aware that in this case you risk the efficiency of your surf training and run the danger of being injured. Read More

The best Sri Lanka surfing spots.

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It looks like Sri Lanka, this paradise island in the Indian ocean, was created specifically for those who are only making their first steps in surfing. Let’s be honest: professional surfers might get bored here as big, complicated waves are not regular guests here. But that is a perfect place to ride nice, long, friendly waves. If it is not enough for a blissful picture, add up warm water and gentle sun! Keep in mind, however, that your choice of a proper surfing spot will depend largely on a season. Read More

8 reasons to enjoy a crowded line-up.

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Oh yes! You do all your best to catch and to ride your wave. However, sometimes there are circumstances that are more powerful than your ambitions and efforts are. A crowded lineup is one of them. Can you find anyone who really enjoys surfing in a crowd? The answer is obvious – no.

But there are always some buts. And here are some of them.  Read More

Surfing and Yoga

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In today’s Little Hints and Tips we are talking about yoga. Sveta Osipova revealed the secrets of magic connection between yoga and surfing.

Sveta Osipova: As one of my friends always says, “Keep calm and do a downward dog”. Why? I can think of at least two benefits here. Firstly, your blood goes different direction and who knows? Some bright ideas might come to your mind! Secondly, such a weird pose as this will definitely embarrass and confuse your opponents. Double profit! Read More

Paddling out efficiently

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It is always a wonderful, thrilling moment when you are at the surf spot – you are looking forward to that couple of hours you are going to spend riding the waves. However, reaching the lineup might be not that easy; it is particularly true for those who are only making their first steps in surfing and are not experienced enough. And at such moments your thrill and excitement can turn into frustration and resentment – here they are, beautiful waves, so close to you, but you are unable to reach the lineup! You are paddling, and fighting whitewater – but failing nevertheless, it looks like you are not moving at all and cannot go through the surf zone.  Read More

Шри-Ланка: как это было

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Три недели назад закончился «длинный» лагерь SurfDiscovery, тренеры разъехались по домам, остались фотографии, воспоминания, новый опыт и новая открытая страна, целый остров с терпко-сладким именем Цейлон. Все-таки жаль, что его переименовали!
Итак, первым делом даем слово нашему главному тренеру – Сергею Михееву: Read More