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Lesson 1

Pop Up. Riding towards the shore in the white water. Trial lesson is good for those who doubt if surfing is something one really wants to get into. During the lesson you are to face the real ocean with the real surfboard, so first of all, you will learn personal surfing safety rules. During the theory part, you’ll find out where the waves come from and how to deal with rips and currents (quite tricky stuff). Also you’ll demolish some common myths about the ocean (are sharks as dangerous as we think they are?). After we’re done with the theory, it’s time to practice. If you’re familiar with snowboarding or any other boardsport, you already know what your leading foot is. But in case it is your first step into the board universe, you’ll identify a leading foot with a little help from your couch. And here it comes, the life-changing moment: since now you are “goofy” or “regular”, you’ve chosen the red pill and there’s no way back to ordinary life. Congrats! Then the coach will show you how to pop up on the board. After practicing for just couple minutes with board simulators, you’ll surely be able to repeat these unusual movements quite confidently. The coach will help you to pick the most suitable board depending on your body type. And then the “wet” part of the lesson begins. On Day First you’ll be practicing in so called “white water” (broken waves, in other words). Under the coach’s careful supervision you’ll ride your first broken wave. During the Lesson 1 you won’t go too deep into the water, not further then breast deep. So it won’t be scary at all. No! It’s gonna be a big fun, no matter how old you are and what sports background you have!

Lesson 2

Improving Pop Up. Balance Board. Like any other sport, surfing requires a good workout before getting started. So you’ll be shown a few simple exercises that help you feel safe and confident in the ocean.
Persistent practice is the key to success. You practice the art of popping up on board similators, remembering your mistakes, and trying to avoid them. During Lesson 2, you meet the balance board – a beginner’s great helper. Your coach will tell you how to deal with it, and how to avoid falling. A simple but very effective balance trainer, it will surely become your favourite toy for the next few days. But don’t get too relaxed, because after praticincing with the balance board, you’ll go back into the ocean!

Lesson 3

Basic turns in white water (broken waves). After two lessons you already know how to pop up on the board and ride straight towards the shore. Now it is time to learn how to control the board and make your first turn.
The coach will show you how to perform turns in white water. Also, on shore you’re going to get some special exercises for sharpening your turn skills.
During your practice in the ocean you make your first basic turns and try to ride along the broken wave.

Lesson 4

Green (unbroken) Wave. Surfing etiquette. This is an extremely important lesson. Your first lineup session! You are finally going to a place where real surfers deal with real waves. But first, you need to learn a bit more theory. In this lesson, you’ll learn about the parts of a wave, how to enter the water, carry the board over the wave, paddle directly onto the wave, and coup with the board (Eskimo roll). Additionally, you will get familiar with surfing etiquette!
At the lineup you catch your first real wave. The coach will always be right next to you to tell you what to do.

* * Required number of days required to take a full course depends on weather conditions and your progress.

Lesson price includes:


For your safety and convenience our custom designed softboards are covered with layer of soft rubber and equipped with soft fins. Our large and sustainable boards are specially designed for beginners, so they let you make many mistakes while you’re in the ocean without any penalty. You’re destined to succeed with a board like this!


A cord that is used to attach a surfboard to your leg. So even if you miss your board, it won’t float too far.

Surf outfit

Lycra rashguard protects you from excessive sun exposure and skin irritation.

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