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Ttial Lesson

Pop Up. Riding towards the shore in the white water.
A trial lesson is a good way to see if surfing is for you. During the lesson, you face the real ocean armed with a real surfboard. First, you learn personal surfing safety rules. In the theoretical part of the lesson, you find out where the waves come from and how to deal with rips and currents, which can be quite tricky. Also, we put to rest some popular myths about the ocean (such as, “Are sharks really as dangerous as we think?”).
After the theory is learned, it’s time to practice. If you’re familiar with snowboarding or any other boarding sport, you already know what your leading food is. But if it’s your first time stepping into the board universe, you can easily identify your leading foot with the aid of your coach. This is where the life-changing moment comes! From this point on, you are a “goofy” or a “regular.” You’ve just chosen the “red pill” and there’s no looking back to ordinary life. Congrats!
Then the coach will show you how to pop up on the board. After practicing for some minutes with board simulators, you’ll surely be able to repeat these unusual movements quite confidently.
The coach will help you to pick the board that suits your body type. And then the “ocean” part of the lesson begins. On Day One you’ll be practicing in so called “white water” (broken waves, in other words). Under the careful supervision of your coach you’ll ride your first broken wave.
During Lesson 1, you won’t go into the water deeper than chest-high. Nothing scary here, in fact, quite the opposite! It’s going to be lots of fun, no matter how old you are and what sports background you have!

* Actual number of days required to take a full course depends on the weather conditions and on your progress speed.

Lesson price includes


For your safety and convenience our custom designed softboards are covered with layer of soft rubber and equipped with soft fins. Our large and sustainable boards are specially designed for beginners, so they forgive many mistakes while you’re in the ocean. You’re bound to be successful with the board like this!


The cord that is used to attach a surfboard to your leg. So even if you miss your hold of the board, it won’t float far away.

Surf outfit

Lycra rashguard is to protect you from excessive sun exposure and from skin irritation.

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