Skateboarding and surfing – one family!

By 03.12.2015Blog

Surfers became the first skateboarders and they carried their favourite movements from waves to asphalt and concrete. At that moment they could not even imagine that skateboarding would ever go that far – now modern surfers are inspired by skateboarding so much that they kick-flip on the waves!     

skateboardingSurf and skate connect.

What connect both surfers and skateboarders are sliding movements down the slope\wave and turning techniques. The key to successful and showy turn is in rider’s directing their body forward, thus, they turn not with their legs, but with their body.

Apart from skateboarding basics, what else can we do to improve our surfing skills? If you are far from the real waves, ride a skateboard which will help you perfect your muscle memory. Surfing muscle memory is quite a tricky thing as it is mastered with the number of waves you have ridden. For example, a couple of weeks will be enough for your muscles to remember the mechanics of snowboarding; however, it is going to take you a couple of years to reach the same level in surfing.

skateboardingSome skateboarding history.

Jim Fitzpatrick, a skateboarding pioneer, made history with his famous “I skate, therefore I am”. In the mid-1930s he got the idea of making a skate by nailing rollerblade wheels to a piece of a wooden board.

In the 1970s skates were mass-produced and as a result, about 50 million skates were completely sold out in record-breaking time. Those who were surfing started skating as well, and vice versa. But it has always been skateboarding influenced by surfing.

Not so many teenagers preferred flat, horizontal surfing to hilly roads where one could accelerate, ride really fast and maneuver between passersby. Skate parks appeared a bit later – there skateboarders got the opportunity to ride the ramps that imitated waves. In the Lords of Dogtown movie the teenagers were riding in empty swimming-pools.


It is hard to believe now but at the very beginning the skateboard wheels were put closer to the board center, so riding such a skate was very similar to riding a longboard. Not that much attention was paid to the fact, but skate riding progress introduced certain technological improvements. Surfers were more maneuverable because their center-of-gravity was shifted onto a supporting leg, so they could make sharp body turns, with the water working just the same as the wheels. So, the skaters were smart enough to get the idea of moving the wheels right under the feet. Since then skateboards became more maneuverable than surfboards. That was the moment of rising an exciting era of new sports that has been inspiring people all over the world ever since.