Sri Lanka: A perfect surfing spot for beginners – 5 reasons to go

By 29.08.2015Blog

Sri Lanka is opening its long-expected surfing season! If you need to be reminded or maybe you have never heard of why the surfers from all over the world are in love with this island, then this article is definitely for you. We are looking forward to the season launch and to meeting you, our guests, to hit the waves together!

Small waves

Wave Sri Lanka

As in any other surfing spot, Sri Lanka’s wave size obviously depends on a swell. However, its waves are often not too big and they are perfect for beginners as well as for intermediate level surfers. In Sri Lanka the waves are quite gentle and are not that powerful and strong as, for example, in Indonesia or Australia. But if you are confident enough, you can certainly go to the reef spot, wait for a big swell and ride large, steep waves. Yet, now we are focusing on the spots that will be comfortable for any beginner and that will give them the opportunity to learn and progress. And Sri Lanka is famous for a range of such spots!

Sand bottom

Sri Lanks Surfgirl

Yes, Sri Lanka is rich in the spots that have sand bottom; and undoubtedly this is an important aspect of successful learning. The fear of falling down and getting injured with a sharp reef is only natural for any of us. The sand bottom helps eliminate this concern and then we are able to relax and concentrate on the things that are truly important – when we ride the waves, we make more and more attempts, become braver and more secure, so, good results are not going to take long.

Surf in Sri Lanka

Sand bottom spots are great not only for beginners; they are also an excellent choice for the surfers of intermediate level as here you can feel more confident and are not scared to try something new, for example, make an abrupt turn or hit a higher wave – there is no risk of being hurt by a reef when wiping out (and wipe-outs are hard to be avoided).

Easy access to the lineup

Spot surf Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka can boast a lot of spots with the lineup close to the shore. For those who are only making their first steps in surfing, getting to the lineup can be quite a challenge as your certain muscles might not be ready and trained yet for this type of exercise but you have to paddle intensively for a long time. So, if the lineup is far from the coast, a beginner can put a lot of efforts into just getting to it.

Sri Lanka Surfing

And do not forget about two more hours of surfing ahead! Ok, the lineup is close, which makes our task easier and, as we mentioned above, Sri Lanka’s waves are not that strong, so going through the break runs smoother. Hurrah!

Not only surfing

Sri Lanka Excursions

If you are tired of active surfing and would like to take your time and relax, Sri Lanka is the place that will not keep you bored. You will be amazed with the island’s magnificent scenery, animals, unique culture and traditions. Here you can observe elephants and turtles, go mountaineering and enjoy the breathtaking views, walk in the tea plantations and, of course, try premium Ceylon tea and delicious local sweets.

Tea plantations Sri Lanka

Traveling in Sri Lanka is the topic that deserves another, long and profound, article. What you have to keep in mind is that you can be engrossed in the island’s beauty, so be careful not to forget about surfing!! ☺

Local surfers.

Things are not that bright in surfing sometimes. ☺ In the world there are some surf spots where you have to deal with rather negative attitude of the local surfers. Some spots can be locals only, i.e. they are open for the surfers who live in the neighborhood; or you might be let to the lineup, however, there you might be demonstrated in all possible ways that you are not welcome. Well, in such places local surfers might come against the tourist surfers believing that it is their spot, their home and their waves.

BUT it is absolutely NOT TRUE when we speak about Sri Lanka. Here, if you respect the surf etiquette rules, you will not have any problems once at the lineup – you will be able to catch and ride the waves and get some recommendations on spot peculiarities. In fact, the Sri Lankans are very friendly, always smiling and sociable. They are always happy to help and have a little chat.