Surf tips: Right position on a surfboard.

By 20.09.2015Blog

 Today Sergei Mikheev will share his secrets of how to catch more waves! 

Sergei Mikheev: 

Many of us, even those who are quite good at surfing, nevertheless, continue making the same mistakes again and again. No matter how insignificant they might seem, these repeated inaccuracies slow down our surfing progress. One of the typical examples of such common mistakes is the wrong board position. Laying onto the board properly allows more efficient accelerating and wave catching. What is the secret? Each board has the so-called buoyancy center and we all have the gravity center. So, our task is to balance these two centers and mark this position with certain reference points. With this, you will prevent the board nose from sinking or the tail from being overloaded. 

board positionIf we are speaking about a longboard, the inner feeling that the board is accelerating freely, without any obstructions can become your correct position reference point. I recommend trying various board positions until you find your perfect one. A little trick here is to mark this position with some wax.

If you ride a soft top board or a 7.0-8.6 mini mal, then your toes are likely to be dangling in the water. Your legs’ position relative to the tail can become an excellent reference point of the right board position in this case.       

board positionYour position on a shortboard is correct if the board tail is sticking out of water a bit. When we are on a shortboard, we can shift the gravity center from the tail to the nose with lifting or lowering the shoulders. If the wave is a spilling one, the gravity center is to be placed to the nose by lowering and at the same time moving forward the shoulders. If the wave is abrupt, the shoulders are to be lifted. Why do we always make this mistake? Just because the moment we see a nice wave, we turn around as fast as we can and hurry to catch it, but absolutely forget to pay attention to our position on the board.

pervyii-urok-bassei-nThe key to success is to analyze all your movements and keep calm.    

Great waves to all of you!