Surfing and Yoga

By 02.10.2015Blog, News

In today’s Little Hints and Tips we are talking about yoga. Sveta Osipova revealed the secrets of magic connection between yoga and surfing.

Sveta Osipova: As one of my friends always says, “Keep calm and do a downward dog”. Why? I can think of at least two benefits here. Firstly, your blood goes different direction and who knows? Some bright ideas might come to your mind! Secondly, such a weird pose as this will definitely embarrass and confuse your opponents. Double profit!

surf yogaSurf Discovery surfing school offers hatha yoga classes for surfers. Who are our participants? Well, these are obviously girls – girls have always been great yoga fans. But what about boys? We often receive those young, brave, impetuous, reckless… They are so eager to catch the wave immediately, the bigger it is, the better! Their “yoga” is gym and dumbbells. However, when they are faced with peculiarities of surfing sports, they start to realize that here muscle bulk is good for nothing (and its excess is even worse!). While a thin and lightweight girl has no problem getting to the lineup, a big and hunky boy sweats a lot to advance! So, it is all not only about weight and muscles.

What is this in yoga that gyms and weightlifting cannot even compete with? First of all, yoga builds stamina. But it is not in a kind of “I can do it five times, twenty five approaches each” way – I think we call it persistence. That is the stamina that goes with a smile: yes, it might be hard, uncomfortable and even unusual in some asanas, but the coach is insisting: breath, relax and enjoy! And it keeps going in your head, “Hell with enjoyment! I am dying here!” but you relax your face muscles, just in case. And what a surprise! In a couple of classes you notice that your breathing is easier, your face is relaxed… oh, joy!…

surf yogaYoga is also balance. All these poses, such as a tree, crow or dancer not only look impressive, they are really helpful and useful for a surfer. In a nutshell, what is surfing? It is the skill to relax your body on a board, with an unstable, changing surface below you. And our coaches keep saying this, again and again. All these poses contribute a lot into learning how to keep you balance. Too often I notice that determination to attend yoga classes lasts only for one or two sessions. Then we get caught into a typical mind trap – no, it is not for me, I honestly tried, but it is not mine. Well, yes, you have tried, but are you sure it was for real? For real and not just for appearance’s sake? Real trying is when you attend three or four classes a week for a couple of months. And only then it is possible to say if it is really yours or not. But I can reassure you – after a month of yoga the chance of giving it up is practically zero!