Weligama Bay is the best beach break in Sri Lanka and a perfect spot for beginners. Weligama Bay is almost a replica of our all-time favourite, Halfway Kuta in Bali. The only difference between the two is the atmosphere. Weligama, in contrast to Halfway Kuta, is a pretty, quiet spot with some small, cozy hotels surrounded by palm trees. The line-up here is usually as clean and empty as a flyleaf. Weligama Bay is the perfect place for surfing from October until March.

SurfDiscovery in Sri Lanka

Weligama’s waves are perfect for both beginners and advanced surfers. There are several different peaks at this spot, so you can always find a nice place to improve your surfing skills. Because of sandy bottom and friendly waves, Weligama Bay is an excellent place to train the bottom turn and learn how to ride along the wave. The difference between high and low tide is kept at minimum, so you can surf literally at any time you want.

Surfing in Sri Lanka

We also offer surfing trips to Mirissa Left reef break, which is only about 5 km southward from Weligama. Depending on the weather and ocean conditions, this spot offers perfect endless lefts. The entry is quite safe.

Just a few miles from Weligama in the opposite direction, you can find another great spot, Lazy Left. This aptly-named location is perfectly-suited for beginners because it’s a great place to enjoy slow lefts. There’s also a distinct channel which adds a perfect lift back to the line-up.

Surfing in Sri Lanka

There are few other reef breaks (Mirissa Right, Madia, Rams) around Weligama, which are good for advanced surfers, but also can be easily used by beginners when the swell is not too big.