Surfing Warm Up!

By 26.10.2015Blog, News

Surfing is a positive emotions provider. Surfing is an energy charger. But it also demands a serious physical training from all of us. It is a must in surfing to be fit. Why? Because only then you will be able to paddle efficiently, catch the waves, have a confident stand on the board, turn and, after a while, perform even more complicated tricks and moves. And surf fitness is what we need! Another essential here is a proper warm up before every surfing session. If you miss this part, be aware that in this case you risk the efficiency of your surf training and run the danger of being injured.

Surf Warm UpWe would like to offer an exercise set that will not take you long and prepare your muscles for the waves.

1. Squatting: breathe in when standing up and breathe out and stretch your arms up when sitting down.

Surfing Warm Up2. Stand on a slightly bent leg, move your hips a bit backward; stretch out your arms and slowly turn them to the sides. Stay focused and keep your balance.

Surfing Warm Up3. Go to the push-up position, stretch your right arm ahead, then move it up and turn your body simultaneously. Stay in this position and try to balance on your supporting arm. Go to the starting position and repeat with your left arm.

Surfing Warm Up4. Standing tall, lunge forward with your right leg, then bend both of your knees and stretch your arms up. Move back to the starting position and switch the legs. You can add body twists to make the exercise more efficient.

Surfing Warm Up5. Stretch your arms up and lean down to touch your toes. Lower your hips and at the same time try to forward your chest up. Do your best to move your hips down and your chest forward. Linger in this position, breathe in and out. Push the hips up and, still being bent, stretch your calves. Go back and repeat.

Surfing Warm Up Surfing Warm Up6. Keep you back straight and bend your knees slightly. Lean forward until you feel some tension above your knees. Straighten your arms by your sides and roll them 30 times backwards and then 30 times forwards.

7. Stand up tall and straight, bend your knee and grip it with your hands. Pull your leg to the chest as close as you can. Take care to keep your back straight.

Surfing Warm Up

You can repeat these exercises as many times as you feel necessary to warm up your muscles and joints. Now when your body is toned, do not hesitate – join the waves!
Enjoy your surfing!