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Shopping in Sri Lanka

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Shopping! What a magic word it is for 100% of girls and 70% of boys (most of them, however, will never admit it!). Going shopping when you are on holiday in a hot exotic country is a must! So, what can you spend your Lankan rupees on?

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Skateboarding and surfing – one family!

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Surfers became the first skateboarders and they carried their favourite movements from waves to asphalt and concrete. At that moment they could not even imagine that skateboarding would ever go that far – now modern surfers are inspired by skateboarding so much that they kick-flip on the waves!      Read More

5 steps to healthy eating.

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Food is fuel for our body. Its proper and stable working is determined by the quality of what we eat. Nowadays healthy diet is one of the most popular topics for discussion, and not only among professional athletes. If you are doing any sports, your body needs much more energy, so paying attention to what we eat and drink is not only the key to excellent sports results, but it is also essential for being healthy. It is particularly true for us, for surfers, as we not only spend great amount of energy, but we are influenced significantly by salty water and sun rays. We are happy to offer some recommendations that will help you to make your diet more balanced:  Read More

The best Sri Lanka surfing spots.

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It looks like Sri Lanka, this paradise island in the Indian ocean, was created specifically for those who are only making their first steps in surfing. Let’s be honest: professional surfers might get bored here as big, complicated waves are not regular guests here. But that is a perfect place to ride nice, long, friendly waves. If it is not enough for a blissful picture, add up warm water and gentle sun! Keep in mind, however, that your choice of a proper surfing spot will depend largely on a season. Read More