Max Pavlovsky

Surfing is the perfect way to discard all the mental trash and to discover the real You. ASI (International Academy of Surf Instructors) сertified Instructor. Surf rescue certified lifeguard.

Max came to surfing through kitesurfing. He loves both longboards and shortboards, and loves every kind of wave, be it fast or lazy, big or small. Loves to live. Tips for beginner surfers. Look at the waves and try to understand the ocean. It’s never the same, each wave is unique so you can observe the ocean forever and still every minute you gonna discover something new.

The better you feel the ocean, the faster you progress. And of course, you should believe in yourself. You need to do a lot of bad shots to understand the process in details.

"If you really want it, one sunny day you'll find yourself surfing really well."

− Max Pavlovsky