Vitor FerreiraHello to you all.

My name is Vitor Ferreira, i ́m from Portugal, have 37 years old and i love my life.

I love it because i discover Surf.

I discover it since i was 16 years old and is my lifestyle since then.

At the time, in Portugal, Surf was not so popular as it is now, it was a sport for bullies, people that didn ́t want to work or school, drug addicts, you name it…

Because of this wrong idea about surfing, i never had the support of familly or old friends with diferent points of view. But i didn ́t care about it and after a summer of work i bought my first surf board and wetsuit and start to go by myself, knowing lots of new friends with the same taste for this wonderful sport. There where no surfschools or softboards at the time so the lerning was much harder and sometimes painful. Have surf since then, but because of the need of work

(Restaurant waiter) i couldn ́t do it the time i wanted, sometimes because i was to tierd, sometimes because the conditions were no good. I was not fully happy.

Until i met Surfdiscovery and found the best choice in my life. Decided to live from surf by sharing this love with others and try to teach them the surfing. Now i have the best job in the world and allso truelly and fully happy.

Surf is up…Gotta go. Hope i can see you in the water.

Cheers to You and…Good Waves.

Surf is up...Gotta go

Vitor Ferreira