The best Sri Lanka surfing spots.

By 23.10.2015Blog, News

It looks like Sri Lanka, this paradise island in the Indian ocean, was created specifically for those who are only making their first steps in surfing. Let’s be honest: professional surfers might get bored here as big, complicated waves are not regular guests here. But that is a perfect place to ride nice, long, friendly waves. If it is not enough for a blissful picture, add up warm water and gentle sun! Keep in mind, however, that your choice of a proper surfing spot will depend largely on a season.

Sri Lanka surf spots

Winter season – the south-west coast 

From November to March Hikkaduwa with its 12 wonderful and distinct surf spots turns into surfing Mecca of Ceylon (that is the former name of Sri Lanka). Hikkaduwa offers everything – beach-breaks, reef spots and “beginners only” places with whitewaters. That is an excellent location for friends with different surfing levels – everyone will find a great spot that is perfect for their skills and hearts. Be careful, however, as Hikkaduwa is notorious for its local surfers’ fiery temper. Do you best and be polite and try not to drop anyone!

 Weligama is one of the best spots to start learning surfing. It can be compared to Kuta in Bali, but less crowded. Weligama is a secluded bay with sand bottom and long, gently sloping waves. The spot used to be “wild”, but now surfing civilization has been developing the place – now there are various surf schools and camps on the coast. Weligama is located quite near Hikkaduwa, so many “grown-up” beginners come here for their first surfing trips.

Surfing Sri Lanka Mirissa

Summer season – the south-east coast

From June to October all surf gang moves to the south-east part of the island. The reason for this is simple – during a summer season there are no waves in the west. The best surfing spot here (and probably it is the best spot in Sri Lanka!) is Arugam Bay. At the moment 7 surf spots are being actively developed there. Even professionals might find Arugam Bay interesting and worth going to – the waves sometimes reach 5 meters!

So, Arugam Bay truly deserves its being included into the Top 10 of the world’s best surfing spots. Another wonderful thing about the place is that in Arugam Bay you can really enjoy peace and quiet, stay away from city noise and civilization. But of course, the spot offers great hotels, cafés, and restaurants – everything you need for comfortable holidays. Yet, in Arugam Bay you have the feeling that the time stands still – there are no crowds of tourists or facelessness of popular destinations.